• A fixed-spray sprinkler which produces a variety of patterns dependent upon the specific spray plate;
  • Flip-over dual spray can allow easy conversion of the spray pattern;
  • Choose spray plate options to germinate, irrigate, chemigate;
  • Optional hose drag adapter for Low Energy Precision Application – LEPA;
  • Part circle available.



  • Gentle rain at low pressure;
  • Utilize a free-spinning acting to produce a gentle, rain-like water pattern;
  • Designed for more sensitive crops and soils;
  • Superior uniformity with better overlap and lower application rates;
  • Crop-guarded body for low energy, down in the crop application;
  • Part circle available.


  • Eliminate the struts of a sprinkler body to provide outstanding uniformity and optimal droplets at low operating pressures;
  • Bracket unassembled, eliminate debris hang-up and water-pattern misting common to conventional sprinklers;
  • Long wear-life, reliable operation and durability even in the toughest water conditions;
  • Excellent water application solution from 10-20 PSI (.7-1.4 bar) operating pressure;
  • Wind resistant and maximum water and energy conservation.



i- Wobsi-Wobs

  • Unique off-center rotary action provides outstanding uniformity;
  • Gentle, rain-like application;
  • Excellent distance of throw;
  • Low pressure operation from 10 to 20 psi, can mean big energy savings over the course of a year.



  • Extremely efficient water application with minimized losses to wind drift, evaporation and runoff;
  • Unique multiple deflector pad design allows it too produce uniform sized droplets through the wide range of nozzle flows found on center pivots;
  • Rugged design for traveling through tall crops;
  • Low pressure operation – 6 to 15 psi;
  • Chemigation Pads produce an upward spray under the crop canopy, for washing or applying pesticide;
  • Bubbler Pad applies water in a gentle, aerated pattern ideal for direct-to-furrow (LEPA style) irrigation; (must used in conjunction with LDN weight)
  • Hose Barb Adapter along with a drag hose allows water application directly into the furrow. The adapter snaps right onto the LDN.

Quad-SprayQuad-Spray (LEPA)

  • Developed specifically for Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA);
  • Less energy is needed; 6-10 psi at the nozzle and 95-98% water requirement application efficiency;
  • Two bubble modes eliminate misting and reduce soil redistribution;
  • Spray irrigation mode to wet entire soil surface when needed;
  • Chemigation pads available;
  • Standard model includes internal Pressure-Master Regulator;
  • Color coded nozzles for easy size identification.

Fan SprayFan Spray

  • Mounted on either side of a tower, the Fan Spray’s directional spray helps keep water away from wheel tracks;
  • Color coded nozzles for easy size identification;
  • Must be mounted on a rigid drop or on top of pipe, hose drops not allowed.