stepWhat you offer to us:

  • Mark the water source and its type – well/river/ditch/others;
  • Mark the edge of your field, tell us your crop and its water demand in mm/day;
  • Mark the obstacles in your field – house/trees/telegraph pole/road/others.

Please save the Google KML files and then send to 收件人。We will finish the rest in the first time!

1What we offer to you:

  • Topographic map
  • Topographic map by colour
  • 3D view of farm
  • Irrigate shift arrangement
  • Irrigation equipment layout
  • Pipe network / fittings / valve design
  • Pump or pump station system

2What we offer to you:

  • Electric / diesel power solution
  • Water system tested by computer
  • Technical report for irrigation equipments, pipe lines and pumps
  • Technical report for water hummer protection
  • Equipment list
  • Budget plan



installationRainfine ships the pivot with installation brochures, but if you want, we still have a worldwide dealership net, which supply you the international installation and after sale service.