center pivot

center towerCenter tower

  • Metallic zinc-coated with USASTM-A123 galvanizing standard
  • Maine Panel, hard on vertical pipe of the water feeding and Press Gauge
  • Pivot point light, thumbing electrical collector and irrigation end gun managerial system
  • Feed by water from pipe line



  • Metallic zinc-coated Spans rubber-band united between itself
  • Mounted on support of intermediate towers-each with two wheels
  • <V>-type, axles drive unit from electric geared motor to Wheels gearboxes
  • Electronic block of the system with equalization and checking


3.control panelControl panel

  • Control transformer
  • Monitoring indicators
  • Fuses – 30 amps
  • System monitors
  • Fused disconnect in panel rated 600v at 30 amps
  • Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps

4.Gear boxHeavy duty gear box

  • Enhanced casing design, increase intensity, reduce wear and tear
  • Special seal, prevent dist and humidity
  • Large power output bearing, load capacity enhances 55%
  • High-strength cast iron, big gear design
  • Shorten driven wheel design, reduce extra load
  • High-strength caps pre-commitment load