lateral move

ditchDitch feed

  • Benefits of Lining a Ditch
  • Conserve water (e.g. reduce friction loss and seepage loss from earthen ditches)
  • Minimizes irrigation-induced erosion and invasive weed growth
  • Work well with a gravity system; No pumping is required
  • Maintenance minimal compared to a dirt ditch
  • Can work on any field, regardless of shape and be tailored to site-specific conditions

hoseHose feed

  • Electric power provided by cable or genset
  • PVC material, UV resistant
  • Diameter from 4 to 12 inch
  • Work pressure from 4 to 10 bar


auto reverseAuto reverse

  • Prevent crashes
  • Stop machine from any tower
  • Provide additional safety
  • Package includes control box, sensing arm, cable, spring, traverse arm