Traditional way of mobile pivot is called towable pivot. The pivot can only be towed by tractor from one place to another. The towing work is very complicated. Many labors are needed to unassemble the links of the u-joint and take off the drive shaft, release the gear box and turn the wheels by hands. Steel cables are needed to lock the first span and last span. One tractor is needed to tow the pivot from one place to another. After towing, the wheels have to be turned back to the working position and all the links of u-joint and drive shafts have to be reassembled again.

turn the pivot point

turn the wheels

lock the wheel

lock the last span

lock the last span

tractor towing


turn the wheels back

turn the pivot point back

reassemble drive shaft


The new concept Rainfine drivable mobile pivot is:
1.Two wheels on the span can be turned automatically by the motor in the center of the drive tube.
2.Four wheels on the pivot point can be turned by the motor in the center of the pivot.
3.Pivot can be driven by the motors to any place you want.
4.All the wheels can be turned back to the irrigation position by motors after towing.

Only one farmer is needed to do this work by switching on/off the switches on the panel.

turn pivot point

turn the wheels

driving pivot

diesel generator

16 wires collector ring

drivable control panel

video of rainfine drivable mobile pivot: