We are looking for representatives in

The term and conditions of Rainfine representatives and regional dealers:

For Rainfine representative:
1.The candidate may be a private person, an existing company, or an entity that will be formed in the future.
2.All correspondence with Rainfine head office will be in English.
3.Companies or people already working in irrigation equipment manufacturing or sales could have an advantage.
4.The candidate (if individual) should be in good personality, positive thinking, hard working, no bad habit, no criminal record.
5.Good education background is needed. The person has the major of agriculture and irrigation, bachelor or master degree has more advantage.
6.Good reputation in irrigation business. Good ability to organize people.

For Rainfine dealer:
Rainfine (Dalian)Irrigation invites regional dealers for supplying and servicing Rainfine products in Australia. The candidates shall be big or medium companies have experience in supplying and servicing foreign agricultural machines and equipment. Companies already dealing with irrigation machines and equipment will have an advantage.

The support from Rainfine:

1.Independent website
2.Free brochures
3.The demonstration machine for exhibition
4.Company Image documents of Rainfine
5.All the literatures and the presentation files of Rainfine
6.Price list of the products
7.Irrigation project engineering design support

FOR COOPERATION, CONTACT wangzhi@rainfinechina.com
FOR PROJECT DESIGN AND SALES, CONTACT daliborturek@rainfinechina.com
FOR WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION, CONTACT huangjiemei@rainfinechina.com