rainfine irrigation australia pty ltd.

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To save people from poverty and hunger world over, we should work hard everyday.

About Rainfine

Rainfine is an irrigation company for center pivot and lateral move system based on China manufacturing since 2002.

We are the main supplier for international irrigation manufactures of USA, France and Saudi.

Our products are mainly supplied to:

North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Work

-land survey and plan
-Irrigation layout design
-Pipeline network layout calculation
-Pump station calculation and design
-Business proposal and budget plan
-Pumps, valves and irrigation machines supply
-Installation and commissioning

our mission:

1. Help investors to make money from agriculture business.
2. Help farmers to increase yield from the land.
3. Save water resources from the earth.

April, 2012 Chile
April, 2012 Chile 326.42m 5 spans with overhang
March, 2012 Argentina
March, 2012 Argentina559.09m 10 spans with overhang
February, 2012 Australia
February, 2012 Australia 422m 7 spans with overhang
October, 2012 Kazakhstan
October, 2012 Kazakhstan 401.62m 7 spans with overhang
February, 2012 Zambia
February, 2012 Zambia402m 7 spans with ouvehang
March, 2013 Russia
March, 2013 Russia463.47m 8 spans with overhang