1.End suction pump with electric motor
Back-pull design, no need to disturb pump body and pipelines when servicing. All the models only use 4 kinds of pump shafts and bearing cover, make parts exchangeable.
Capacity: up to 520m3/h
Head: up to 160m3/h
Temperature: up to 1100C
Speed: 1450/2900 rpm 1750/3500 rpm

2. Single Stage Double Suction Axially Split Casing Centrifugal Pump
NSC is a high efficiency single stage double suction axially split casing centrifugal pump, there are features such as new structure, hydraulic effect works in wide range, There is horizontal or vertical installation, packing or machine seal, grease or oil lubricating bearings.
Products are widely applied for water supply in waterworks factories, cooling water project, fire engineering, irrigation, industrial water supply and drainage systems, water transportation and others.
Performance Range : (Simialr to Goulds 3410,3415,3420)
Q: 50 ~ 20000m3/h H: 10 ~ 280m T: 105 ℃

3. Mixed-flow Sewage Pump
HW series mixed-flow sewage pumps with horizontal and vertical installation, are mainly used for sewage treatment and irrigation, with the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, etc.
Performance Range : (EC)
Q: 9000m3/h H: 1.02-3.20m T: 80 ℃

4. Vertical Turbine Pumps
VTP series vertical turbine pumps are made up of centrifugal mixed flow or axial impeller, Hydraulic effect works in wide range ,providing customers with the more choices.
This series are widely applied in water engineering, deep well irrigation, mine drainage, irrigation, river water or seawater circulation, fire protection engineering, etc.
Performance Range: (VIT, VIC,VMP,VMF,VAF,VIS)
Q: 40000m3/h H: 300m T: 80 ℃

5. Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump
HMC horizontal ring-sectional multistage centrifugal pump is a kind of traditional multistage centrifugal pump with wide application, using grease-lubricated standard bearings, mechanical seal or packing.
Performance Range: (Goulds 3310)
Q: 1000m3/h H: 800m T: 105℃


1. Excellent Pattern & Foundry
All the casings are made by metal pattern and resin sand, impellers are precision cast. Patterns are made by the 3D technology and CNC machining center to ensure that the good hydraulic model can be transformed into the high- efficiency products.

Crane can lift 50 tons, the maximum lifting height is 12 meters. Test pool is 8,000 cubic meters, 12 meters by depth.
The maximum test power is 5000 kW. Test can meet different standards and requirements. All tests can be automatically operated, it is convenient to get accurate and reliable test data, according to ISO9906-1999 1-level precision requirements. 60Hz testing up to 4000kw.