Rainfine is a major manufacturer of center pivot irrigation systems in China.

We provide consultation services regarding water supply design and farm planning and management to help you maximize your yield production.

Our irrigation manufacturing meets the following standards:
International: ISO15873 ISO12374 ISOTR15155
French: NFEN909
British: BSEN12325-2
American for galvanizing: A123
ISO9001-2008 QC standard

Our goal is to provide high quality irrigation machines and services at affordable prices. With our warehouse located in the Dalian Free-Trade Zone in China, using steel parts made in China lowers our material and storage costs so we can offer you a great price.

Our newest developments:
No-maintenance collector rings using 16 wire radar technology
Drivable pivot with automatic wheel turning system
No-maintenance plastic tires that never have a flat
Radio and mobile phone automatic control system
Farm management system that monitors and reports climate and soil moisture

MAIN certificate

Where we export our products:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Germany, Ethiopia, France, New Zealand, Libya, Mongolia, Iraq, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United States and Zambia.

We also supply our products to CIS countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

In recent years as our business has developed, we’ve expanded our market to more countries, tackling a range of tough projects with sloping terrain, particularly dry climates and large fields.

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